The MegaMilitary Project | Online Edition #343
The Roadmap for MegaMilitary

The Roadmap for MegaMilitary

What are we doing, and what has been published lately?

A significant amount of work has already gone into MegaMilitary since we started with the idea and finally got it online. But looking at the entire project or the content we created so far, there is still not a lot to show for. We never imagined that progress will be that slow, but we will not compromise the quality of the content we publish for something we do not feel comfortable with. That being said, we continue working on it bit by bit.


What is the team of MegaMilitary doing, and what has been published lately?

January 2024 - March 2024

We are still busy working on the segment for World War I and while we switch between research and posting new articles in the Involved Nations WWI category (most notably a five-part series of Arabia during World War I - The Arab Revolt), we simultaneously publish related Biographies and other related supporting information (one of our favorites is the Military Myths, Mysteries, Legends & Curiosities section).

Thomas Edward Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia, was the most iconic figure of the Arab Revolt. We have incorporated his comprehensive biography into MegaMilitary as we focus on this part of World War I. This includes a captivating 45-minute read along with more than six hours of video content and Lawrence's autobiographical narrative of his experiences (Seven Pillars of Wisdom) in PDF format.

September 2023 - December 2023

We published the first 14 articles in the History & Theaters of World War I category. This includes the historical background, timeline and a general description of the different theaters (Africa, Asia, at Sea, Balkans, Eastern Front, Italian Front, Mesopotamia, Turkish Front and finally a five-part series of the Western Front).

January 2023 - September 2023

Our principal idea for MegaMilitary is to take as a starting point the people behind warfare and look at their involvement, leadership and impact on the outcome of battles, campaigns and wars over centuries. Our list of biographies includes not only military personalities and distinguished battle commanders in history, but also men whose genius has earned them an unquestionable place in history or played a significant role in one of the many wars. We added 50 Biographies and will continue to add more to accompany the new articles we write.

January 2023

MegaMilitary was published (online) with a base of content covering a multitude of periods and segments.

July 2017

The idea for MegaMilitary was born and after we decided on the best name, we were lucky to secure the perfect domain name. Unfortunately, many years passed with many episodes of intense work, including research, creating a concept for the entire project. We literally got lost a couple of times as we could not decide on how to do it, so it makes sense and satisfies the critical eye of a well read military historian, a student researching for a history class of anybody with a dedication for military history (About MegaMilitary).


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Dark Secret of the Lusitania - National Geographic Documentary

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Submitted by: Tim Kirsten
22 March 2024

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