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Spy, Agent & Saboteur - Biographies

Spy, Agent & Saboteur – Biographies

Spies operate in a murky twilight world of cover names, hidden objectives, pretended motives, clandestine assignations, official denials, and violent endings (a cloak-and-dagger world), to use the inevitable cliché.

Mystique surrounds the secret world of intelligence. The very nature of espionage makes it a difficult subject to research, and it is often well-nigh impossible to establish exactly what took place during a particular event. In wartime, intelligence operations are shrouded necessarily with a further layer of secrecy, which conspires to confuse and deceive. The spy is one of the classical figures of the human experience, known to every age, community, and culture from prehistoric times to our own because his or her talents meet a special need.

Past or present, somebody, somewhere, wants to know vital secrets of a real or potential enemy, and one way to make the discovery is through the art and science of espionage. That is the practical reason for the perdurable interest in spies.

The history of espionage is filled with gaps (obviously) and by no means our selection of Spies, Agents and Saboteurs will ever be complete...

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The Captive Heart 1946

The Captive Heart 1946

The 1946 British war drama is about a Czechoslovak Army officer who is captured in the Fall of France and spends five years as a prisoner of war, during which time he forms a long-distance relationship with the widow of a British Army officer.
Submitted by: Tim Kirsten
20 September 2023

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