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Editorial Ethics on MegaMilitary

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We pride ourselves on publishing unbiased information on MegaMilitary, but many documents, books, reports and articles might express a certain view of third parties that will be controversial. For example, a certain personality might be a national hero, for some and others will look at the achievements of the person with disgust. Our archive contains many documents that do not represent the opinions of or the project members.

We at MegaMilitary respect our readers’ trust and the values and responsibilities of our profession and follow strict guidelines to maintain this trust. We do not fabricate quotes, sources or information and then represent them as fact. We do not alter or manipulate photographs beyond minimal adjustments for optimizing their publication or stage photographs for any of our contents.

Paid content (or advertising) will always be marked clearly and not published in any way, that it might be confused with other articles and news.

Any individual opinions by our editors that could cause readers to question the credibility of MegaMilitary should not be expressed without a clear sign within the content as a quote or similar. Exception is the content that is posted in special sections like our "Editors’ Opinions" or blogs that are based on the personal interpretation and opinion of the publishing editor that might be controversial to some readers.

Any perceived cloak of anonymity associated with usernames can be easily pierced. Information posted on MegaMilitary under any name can be traced to its originator (Please have a look at our "Terms & Conditions", "Privacy Information" and "Discussion & Submission Guidelines").

Integrity & Credibility

Even in our private lives, the founders of MegaMilitary and the entire team refrain from participating in activities that could compromise our integrity or damage our credibility. Individual opinions about social issues should remain personal.

These best practices have reminded us of our responsibilities to our readers and our profession. We are mindful that our actions not only reflect on us personally, but on MegaMilitary as well. We hold ourselves accountable and may find ourselves in the awkward position of questioning ourselves on any content that is being published under our name (or alias). Concerns about breaches of these guidelines should be brought to us right away (MegaMilitary Contact Form).


The MegaMilitary Team

The MegaMilitary Team

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